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Subject: security system
Posted by:  natasha (natas…
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008

i am using vista home premium. i just got this computer. i know so much about
computer but just the basic. I have a problem that is poping up on my screen.
I have tryed everything i know to get rid of it. The heading is security
system protection control panel. It is saying possible spyware infection
detected . You need to update pc-anti-spyware as it has detected a trojan
downloader.xs. I have run scans and can't find a problem. When i press on it
it takes me to a anti-spyware site to buy a package. The site it takes me too
is called 2008. It is driving me crazy. If anyone
would please help to sort this problem i would be greatful. I hope i am in
the right discussion group. If i am not could you please let me know what
group i should go too. Thankyou