internal ssl cert that works with domain and without

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Subject: internal ssl cert that works with domain and without
Posted by:  Bob (B…
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008

I have a web site on an internal iis 6.0 server. Some users use the host
header name of the website with the domain attached and some connect without:

for example:

https:\\internal vs https:\\

I have an SSL certificate that has the host header name and those that
connect without the domain connect straight through, no errors. If they use
the https:\\ however they get a certificate error as the
name is different then the certifcate. I can change the certificate to
include the domain but then the host header name by itself gives the error.

is there a way to allow both to work without a certificate error?

I tried a spin on the wildcard certificate creating a request with
"internal.*" but that was no go as well. Do you need to "turn anything on" to
get IIS 6.0 to accept the "*" maybe?

Certificates authorized through an internal 2003 CA