Getting rid of my Certification Authority

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Subject: Getting rid of my Certification Authority
Posted by:  justmark (justma…
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008

We don't really use this anyway, although some people did, in the past.  I
have to decomission the hardware on which the CA lives and for the near-term,
have decided to just not establish another.
I have a couple of questions:  First of all, if somebody, somewhere, has an
encrypted folder (they all swear they don't, but I can't go poking around to
make sure), will they lose access to their files or will their files simply
become unencrypted when I decomission the CA?
Secondly, when I look at issued certificates, I see some of my server - most
notably, my DCs.  I don't know exactly why they've requested certificates,
but what will happen to them if I decomission the CA?

Thanks for any advice!