certificate Services will not startup on specified port

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Subject: certificate Services will not startup on specified port
Posted by:  Billy (BillyRycro…@gmail.com)
Date: Thu, 8 May 2008

Hello All,
I hope you can help:

I keep seeing errors when I setup a Enterprise CA. The Certsvc
is configured in component services to utilize port 2000 (lets say),
and rpc ports are restricted to a range of ports. (usually 100
ports are allocated). However, The CA process is usually found on a
port in the rpc range
instead of  being on the port specifically allocated to it (2000).

This causes Autoenrollment of certificates to not occur unless i
the configuration in component services to default.

Upon further investigation, i found that the DHCP server service
grab the 2000 port, and  this then forces forces the CA service to
take a port within the rpc range. The
question becomes: Can I force the CA to always grab port 2000 before
anything else takes it?

thanks in advance.