Unplugged Cable/Media Disconnected

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Subject: Unplugged Cable/Media Disconnected
Posted by:  trike1 (tanraj…@gmail.com)
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008

I have a Dell laptop. At office I connect to the network through a
cable, while at home I connect through the wireless option (Linksys).
It's been working fine for over a year.

I am now at a new location. The router here is ProNet. I have no
problems connecting through wireless, however when I plug in the cable
I get a message saying "a network cable is unplugged". I've checked
the cables, they are ok. I've even plugged the cable from the laptop
to the modem directly but continue to get the same error.

I did an :ipconfig /all" and it showed me both the wireless card and
the regular NIC. It says "media disconnected" for the regular NIC.

Any sugestions on how I could resolve this problem.

Thank you.