Mapping IPC$ doesn't work for DCOM

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Subject: Mapping IPC$ doesn't work for DCOM
Posted by:  Ashutosh Bhawasinka (smbs-msdn@nospam.nospam)
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008

Whenever I need to access a remote system which requires some
authentication, I preferred to use this command

net use \\<remote-system>\IPC$ /user:<remotesystem-login> <password>

I have been using this for over 3 years ( I don't know how I learned
about this)

It works fine if I want access shared files/foldes. Also if I execute
above mentioned command even pstools form works (I
don't have to provide the user name and passwords).

This doesn't work if I run a DCOM client applicaiton.

Say, the DCOM client is on client01 and the DCOM server is on server01
and server01 has user administrator with all the permission and password
as pass@word1. These systems are NOT part of a domain.

if I run this on the client01

net use \\server01\IPC$ /user:server01\Administrator pass@word1

I can then access anything on server01, C$ share, start or stop the
services, shutdown system, anything except DCOM. The DCOM client on
client01 fails to connect.

for the DCOM server on server01, I have assigned all permission to
'everyone' & 'users' even then I get access denied error.

Any ideas why DCOM is exception to this???