Antigen slow performance

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Subject: Antigen slow performance
Posted by:  Robert Louw (RobertLo…
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008


I recently had to test Microsoft Antigen 9 with SP1 against McAfee
groupshield.  Although Antigen and Groupshield were more or less the same
although Antigen had 2 engines and not 1 i have a major difference.  For my
customer to move to Antigen they need to see that Antigen performes better.

the problem is that a Manual scan is 5 times slower than groupshields manual
scan.  Testing in a lab with identical hardware and identical tests the
Antigen machine took an hour and a half comparted to Groupshield that took
only 22 minutes.
Can someone help me with tweaking or configuring Antigen so that it competes
with Groupshield?