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Subject: RE: Change password complexity
Posted by:  Anteaus (Antea…
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2008

Just reviving this thread, as I got round to testing Server 2008 and
immediately hit password problems, in fact I never even saw a desktop.

Starts with a prompt to 'Logon as other user' Hmm.. what on earth does this
mean? What is an 'other user' .. ?

Press anyway, and I'm asked to enter a username and password. But, how can I
do this when setup didn't allow me to establish any users or passwords?

So, with a bit of lateral thinking, I wonder if this box *creates* a new

Quick test shows that it doesn't.

OK this is a server, so let's try Administrator . But this could present a
problem as have no idea what the Admin password is. I was never asked for
one, and AFAIK there is no default. Let's just assume blank.

This looks promising.. a prompt that tells me I must 'change' the
Adminsitrator password.  Syntactically incorrect as there isn't one, but
nevertheless we're at least getting somewhere now.

Out with my password-generator, and whip-up a 12-character password on mixed

Only to be told this 'Doesn't meet complexity requirements!'  and you

Not being the kind who likes playing lotto, I try F1, etc, hoping to get the
lowdown on what I must do, but there is no help whatsoever on this.

So, I try a 'crazy' password, one which even Cmdr. Data would find
impossible to memorize. Result, this time no complexity message, in fact no
error of any kind, but no logon either. Instead it just keeps 'cycling back'
to the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen. Try seveal times. No joy.

It this point I decide it's time to give up. Only, next
wonderfully-thoughful piece of design, none of these screens has a shutdown
button. Looks like pulling the plug is the only way out of this. Yank.

Top marks for design, Microsoft. I never even got to see your wonderful new
server OS. :(

Wonder what I missed?

If the rest is like the logon, maybe I don't care!!!!


OK so I'm an IT admin and maybe I could figure/hack a way round this, but
I've presented as a new user woudl see it, to show just how singularly
dreadful a  piece of ergonomics it is.

"Javier" wrote:

> Hi...
> I need to disable the password complexity in a Windows 2008.
> The problem is that the password complexity in my server is enable and not
> give me the posibility to change.
> Thanks a lot.
> Javier Valverde


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