Network Service security question

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Subject: Network Service security question
Posted by:  (m_dinn…
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008


If I create a web service to run on a Windows 2003 server under the
Network Service account, will it have access to other server services
elsewhere on my domain?

The scenario is that I have created a web service to query a specified
database. Different departments need the same functionality the
service supplies but need to query different databases. the solution
employed was to copy the service to their own local server and put
data access information in the associated config file. That way they
get the data they want to see and I don't have to duplicate code.

The issue that has now been raised is that as the departments are all
on the same domain and all the services are running as Network Service
then they could possibly connect to a different server and access the
resources (other services) there.

I think i've read somewhere that the Network Service account is a
local account, so does this mean that it can only access resources
locally even though it has network permissions?

Any thoughts?