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Subject: Bandwidth consumption
Posted by:  Warren Machanik (WarrenMachan…
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008

I have a small network 2xXP machines, 1xVista and 1xSmall Business Server
2003. It may be conicidence but recently (in the last 3 weeks) two things
occuried on my network. My old DDNS service DirectUpdate stop working after a
security fix was applied, so I replaced it with another. Two I upgraded one
computer to Vista

And about a week after noticed I was chewing bandwidth around 1GB of
bandwidth a day.

I have run TCPView on the one PC and on the Small Busines server. Which is
acting as a router to the external world (connected using a IBurst router on
an extrernal LAN, not running ISA, just the default Firewall in SBS2003)

I have tried checking for spyware, and run all the updates but I cannot find
where I am bleeding bandwidth (and I only get 3GB a month). Any ideas how to
trouble shoot?

Warren - All limits are man made