Windows Defender detection of Vundo trojan

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Subject: Windows Defender detection of Vundo trojan
Posted by:  ColBla (ColB…
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008

Apologies if this is the wrong board for this - if so, happy to re-post in a
more appropriate place, just tell me where !

Windows Defender keeps reporting an infection with Vundo.gen!E. The advice
on the MS site says remove it using an AV program. I use McAfee, but when I
run a scan it can't find it - checking the update status of McAfee, I have
the right updates that should detect this version of Vundo. So I can't
actually follow the "how to remove" advice. So is Defender giving a false
positive, or should I be really worried because I seem to have an infection
that McAfee can't find ? Any advice on how to proceed gratefully received.

Not sure whether this is relevant or not, but since getting the first Vundo
detections, in the same account that apparently hosts Vundo, the user gets a
message on logon to the effect that the system can't find a file
opnkjghf.dll.  Could this be related to the Vundo problem ?

Windows Live Mail
Windows auto-update checked ON
AV & Firewall: McAfee, latest engines & updates installed.

Thanks in advance