Best Malware Remover (Antispy/Antivirus)

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Subject: Best Malware Remover (Antispy/Antivirus)
Posted by:  Stevepp…
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008

Next to a clean windows refresh, there's only one method of removing
anti-spy / antivirus

Only one malware remover software worked for me and that was Spyware
Doctor by PC Tools.

Malware Remover Software (that I've tried)

Spyware Doctor (PC Tools)
Clean Refresh (reformat & start over)
Trend Micro
Panda AV


Spyware Doctor
Does the trick. Cheap, yet good. Bear in mind, that statement is valid
right now. Who knows what the future holds.

Clean Refresh
You can bet that malware idiots will even outfox PC Tools someday
soon. So the old clean refresh will become the number one again as it
has for over a decade now. A clean refresh with a reformat, popping
the battery on the motherboard is often the best and fastest choice.

Trend Micro
Takes a long time to scan your files and eats up resources only to
leave a half dozen rogue software still affecting you. $49 per year.
Save your money.

AVG & Mcafee were always one of the better anti-malware software and
still is, unfortunately, both are useless at removing today's latest
greatest rogue malwares.

Panda, Avira, NOD32, Avast - cheap, tiny & therefore useless.

Norton, still the most overrated software company on the planet. I've
had more headaches using Norton than the things it was meant to cure.
Some of Norton's software in the packaged bundle is good; however not
too much. Expensive, powerful, but defective.

Kapersky was awful when it first came out, causing much more headaches
than the actual virus' and spy software it was trying to kill. It's
slllooowly improving over five years and counting. Expensive and
resource hound.

Here's what I do. I have two computers, a SAFE computer with all my
work, everything I have is on it and it would take me hours to reset
all the settings over again so I NEVER NEVER NEVER go online but to
only a handful of sites I know to be malware free. The second PC is my
ADVANTURE computer that I only use when testing unknown sites for the
first time. The instant, I mean INSTANT, I get hit with malware, the
thing gets turned off, I reformat and load a fresh copy of windows on
that PC. Little time is lost. Best solution of all.

Good luck and stay clean.

Positive/negative feedback invited.