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Subject: Folder Permissions
Posted by:  David (dw85745N…
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008

Confused -- Newbie to Permissions!!!!!

1) Sole owner and Admin of XP-Pro Machine.

2)  I have a DLL incorporated into a program ("exe") I've written.  This
"exe" maintains a real-time link to a server.  Other than seeing the
function headers I don't what resides in the server provided DLL.

3)  DLL is currently registered in c:\Windows\System

4) I would like to keep someone from the server side from accessing other
folders on my machine.


How do I go about this?

      a)  Move and Register the DLL in the "exe" folder?
      b) Set permissions on the "exe" folder or do all higher folders need
to have permissions set?
      c)  What are the recommended permissions settings for this?
      d)  Is encryption needed?