Password Policy Change Question

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Subject: Password Policy Change Question
Posted by:  spirit dm (spirit…
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008

I would like to change the Minimum Password Length requirement from 6
character alpha-numeric to 5 character alphanumeric.  I would also like to
set the Maximum Password Age to 0, so they never expire.
Will changing these settings have any visible effect on the users that are
already set and using their network accounts?

Also, to add multiple accounts I should be able to use dsadd user / in a
similar way that the old addusers worked in NT.
The only fields I care about are first name, last name, userID and password.
dsadd user has many, many flags.  Can I just ignore them, or do I need to
pad the csv file with commas, like in addusers?

Thanks in advance!  This is on a Windows 2003 domain.  I am running Windows
2003 Server Standard Edition, and am at Service Pack 2.