Authenticated Users, Everyone ,anonymous ????

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Subject: Authenticated Users, Everyone ,anonymous ????
Posted by:  Gunna (Gun…
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008

Hi in the confusion of Google I cant seem to find a straight answer about
permissions.  I know Authenticated users includes any user who has
authenitcated against a DC right?  So if I wanted to add all my users to
access a share whats the diff between using Authenticated Users and Everyone?

Also, if I created a share and gave a certain Group, call it "Accounts" full
access to this folder.  The Everyone or Authenticated or anyone group wont
give access to this folder through some kind of wacky way microsoft do things
or anything like that will it?  The only way Authenticated Users will get
access is by either inhertigin it from folders above or my me adding that
group to the persmissions of that share right?