How to manage profiles???

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Subject: How to manage profiles???
Posted by:  bondo (bon…
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008

What I am faced with is a network with a central location with 11 satelite
locations. I hope to explain this the best way I can.
We run a script when a user logs on that maps their "home" drive. Simple, no
problem. Most, 95% use only one machine. But that is at our central location.
Outlook becomes an issue when they try to use another computer. I can deal
with that. I also thru our script can map the shared drives by department and
again simple. Like I said, 95% of our employess do not change departments.
This is manageable.
Here is my problem. The people working at the other 11 satelite locations
need access to the shared drives for that particular location. But they are
constantly changing.
For example, a manager of 4 of those satelites needs access to all 4 of them
no matter what satelite she logs on to. Without my script looking like the
government bailout, how do I do this? How do I script multiple drives per
And then how do I manage those shared drives per person down to the satelite
itself. How do I script that? It has become UNmanageable.
I need help.

As a side note, we have implemented the 42 day password rule as per NYS
laws. Now, as a network admin, how in the world am I to administer my
network? If I need to do work on someones machine and make sure that it works
with them logged on, I have to change the password.

Thanks in advance