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Subject: security certificate errors
Posted by:  John Holscher (JohnHolsch…
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008

I am plagued with security certificate error messages and it's getting worse
by the day! I am running Windows XP SP2 with IE 7.0. Some of these messages
indicate the certificate is out of date when they are not. I even got a
security warning when accessing this page to post a new thread.
I am also having a problem downloading a payroll update for my QuickBooks
pro 2008 software. The download appears to proceed and at the very end I get
an internet connection error message which suggests that the date on my
system may be is not. QuickBooks support is of the opinion
that something is blocking their software from making the necessary
connection to finish the update. This problem is fairly recent and started
after I downloaded and installed the latest windows updates. Any chance the
update(s) are the cause of these problems? If not, any idea what could be the