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Subject: Re: security certificate errors
Posted by:  PA Bear [MS MVP] (PABearM…
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008

Any chance that you reside in AU or NZ?

Are your computer's date, time, *and* time zone settings correct?

Is the most recent Root Certificates update (23 Sept-08) installed?  (The
optional Root Certificate updates are only available at Windows Update
website when doing a CUSTOM install.)

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John Holscher wrote:
> I am plagued with security certificate error messages and it's getting
> worse
> by the day! I am running Windows XP SP2 with IE 7.0. Some of these
> messages
> indicate the certificate is out of date when they are not. I even got a
> security warning when accessing this page to post a new thread.
> I am also having a problem downloading a payroll update for my QuickBooks
> pro 2008 software. The download appears to proceed and at the very end I
> get
> an internet connection error message which suggests that the date on my
> system may be is not. QuickBooks support is of the opinion
> that something is blocking their software from making the necessary
> connection to finish the update. This problem is fairly recent and started
> after I downloaded and installed the latest windows updates. Any chance
> the
> update(s) are the cause of these problems? If not, any idea what could be
> the cause?
> Thanks,



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