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Subject: Firewall Exceptions
Posted by:  joseph (jose…
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008

In Control Panel / Windows Firewall / Exceptions ; I am suspicious of the
some of the programs that are Enabled. Some have names like Remote Assistant,
Network Diagnostics for W XP, and Windows Live Messneger.
There are 9 at the top of the list which worry me?
There is a box with a check mark in and just the word 'ENABLE',,, no name of
a Program.

When I click on Edit they have names which I will now Copy. I don't know
about enabling these places to have access to my PC, whether they are
important for operation or some type of intrusion.
(Remember the only name they have is 'ENABLE".)
Here is what comes up when I Click on Edit.
"You can allow comms with this Program from any pc, including those on the
Interneet"  <<< this is what I am worried about, especially the Explorer one
as I had some problems that revolved around explorer,
C:\Documents and Settings\Gary\xgw.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Gary\ipb.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Gary\cwiu.exe

If you can tell me whether it is important to some programs I use to allow
this access, or whether someone has snuck in!?