Problem removing files after performing a bare metal restore

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Subject: Problem removing files after performing a bare metal restore
Posted by:  JB (…
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008


I had an SBS server fail to boot this week after the C: drive running out of
disk space.  Windows hopelessly corrupt, no amount of recovery console doing
the trick.  So, I reformatted C: and reinstalled Windows, including service
packs, software, etc.  I then tried to restore from ntbackup.  This was
unsuccessful with a kernel missing error.  I booted to the SBS CD and
reinstalled Windows to the C: drive without formatting.  This installed a
separate directory called WINDOWS0.  I then attempted to restore with
ntbackup again, and this time the restore was successful.


We need all the disk space we can get on our C: partition since that caused
the issue to begin with.  I cannot now delete the unnecessary WINDOWS0
folder.  I have taken ownership, reset permissions, removed the "Unknown
Account" from its permissions, etc., however, it still gives an access denied
error, make sure this disk is not full or write protected, and make sure this
file is not in use.  How can I delete these files?

Thank you,