Re: NTRights & SQL Service Account Security

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Subject: Re: NTRights & SQL Service Account Security
Posted by:  S. Pidgorny (slavic…
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2008

Doyou see logon event for the account, and what happens if you use
another account?

Svyatoslav Pidgorny, MCSE, RHCE
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BigSam wrote:
> I trying to configure SQL to run with a user account - not administrator
> account.
> I'm running SQL 2k5 with a domain account. I think I've followed all of the
> security configuration changes for the account, but when trying to restart
> SQL on one server it fails. (It starts on 2 other servers.)
> I went back to review the changes I applied with NTRights & ran ShowPriv for
> some of the Windows Privledges. Something must have gotten screwed up on this
> server, because I get errors when running showpriv. Follows is part of the
> output from ShowPriv:
> The LookupAccountSid() API returned error 0x00000534
> Since I think NTRights was run on an non-existant account, how do I clean up
> the settings?
> Is it possible this error is causing SQL to not start on this one server?



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