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Subject: CStateHacks
Posted by:  Maggy-Pie (maggyp…@beyondbb.com)
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2008

I have struggled with the Hack-Hijack-Virus-Trojan-Person-Remoted-Into-
My-PC-What/Whoever-It-Is since October 2005. I lost my web-development
business, my bank account was accessed, my identity stoilen, credit
cards fraudulently used by others... I am now on the brink of losing
my home due to this "THING". @ one point, my satellite dish became a
firewire! I reported all to the local authorities [police and DA], but
no one will help me... I dare you to bring your PC to my house. I
promise, it will be hacked before you get in the door. I'm on my third
PC and it's already gone...