Smartcard offline login and XP laptops

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Subject: Smartcard offline login and XP laptops
Posted by:  Tariq (Tar…
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2008

Can anyone provide me with some guidance and recommendations on the use of
smartcards and offline login with Windows XP based client laptops?

My organization currently issues XP based laptops attached to our corporate
domain to our global user base.  The current image/configuration uses cached
login's to enable offline login using a user's AD credentials to the local

I'm in the midst of deploying a Windows 2008 based PKI environment to
support smartcard based logins.  We're going to be deploying smartcards with
mandatory login to a small number of laptop users, but I'd like to see that
they have the same functionality as our non-smartcard based users in that
they should be able to log in to their laptops while disconnected from our
corporate network.  I've seen some references online to the effect that the
smartcard login is also "cached" to enable this ability, but I'd like to be
able to reference to some definitive documentation to that effect.