Security (Keep the admin out of the workstation)

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Subject: Security (Keep the admin out of the workstation)
Posted by:  Greg (codep… (codep…
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008


I am interested in securing a workstation. Currently the workstation
is connected to a Windows 2000 server, and gets access to the internet
cable service through the server. The user is concerned that a system
admin is getting onto his workstation, through the LAN, and stealing
files from his drive. How can the user protect from this activity. He
needs to use the internet, but only needs to occasional access the

My thought was for the user to put a manual switch on the ethernet LAN
cable to connect at the time of his choice, and to keep his private
data on a thumb drive that is used only when he is not connected to
the LAN. He always needs to have access to the internet however. How
could this be accomplished? He manages the department, so he can get a
second modem or whatever is needed. He just needs to be assured that
the admin does not get onto his workstation when using the internet.

Any creative ideas would be appreciated.