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Subject: Re: Critical Update
Posted by:  ~BD~ (BoaterDa…
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008

Hi Alice

I'm not one of the gurus you seek ............ but I have seen it stated
that "the 80244022 error seems to be corrected by clearing browser cache".

Maybe you should delete your Temporary Internet Files (TIF) and see if that
corrects your problem.

I'm sure someone else will help you if my suggestion doesn't help.



"AliceZ" <Alic…> wrote in message
> Yesterday when I signed on with my Vista and went to Critical Updates, I
> saw
> there was an update:
> Windows update agent 7.2.6001.788
> I clicked OK for the download. When the download finished, I was
> immediately
> transferred out of Critical Update page and back to my Google page. I
> looked
> in the Update History and saw the the Windows Update Agent was
> successfully
> installed.
> Today when I turned on the Vista, I saw that it was going through steps
> 1-3
> (saying please do not turn off computer). When the steps 1-3 finished, the
> computer screen came on.
> I went again to Critical Update, but it would not go through. I kept
> getting
> this message:
> windows could not search for new updates
> error(s) found  code 80244022
> Windows update encountered an unknown error
> What is going on?


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Critical Update posted by AliceZ on Thu, 4 Dec 2008