Trouble with User account control in 2008 server

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Subject: Trouble with User account control in 2008 server
Posted by:  w2ks (w2…
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009

I know that UAC is supposed to make things more secure in windows server
2008. the thing is, it's causing me many problem i can't resolve.

Here is one.
after i add my domain account to the administrators group in windows 2008,
and log in using the domain account. i barely have access to anything. i
can't even open a folder. it's saying access-denied. a simple program like
BGINFO that display system information as desktop wallpaper won't even run
because i don't have access to the program files folder.

Yes, I double check that my domain user account is in the Administrators

When i turn UAC off, everything works just fine, and it frees up maybe quite
a bit of RAM too.

does anyone know how to resolve this?