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Subject: Re: Wifi Security
Posted by:  Swamp Thing (Swamp.Thing.3n5a…
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009

When I setup my WIFI network this is what I did to bolt it down.

1. Changed the default SSID and in the new name used special & capital
letters, symbols and numbers.

2. Turned off SSID broadcasting

3. Cloak SSID

4. Enabled MAC filtering

5. Disabled Open Key & shared key authentication

6. Enabled WPA with AES encryption with a 12char password using lower &
upper case letters, numbers and symbols.

7. Disabled DHCP and have all work station IP addresses static.

8. Enabled firewall on my router and on all workstations

If someone can get through all of this then they can have whatever is
on my network.

Also this can be found in a NSA document regarding WIFI security.

however the problem with a setup like this is when you are trying to
add a node to the network or if you have guest and they want to get
online with their laptop and you don't like outside nodes on the

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