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Subject: Re: mrtstub.exe
Posted by:  FromTheRafters (errat…
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009

Looks like Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool
droppings to me.

If so, there is nothing to worry about concerning these files.

Submit the executable "mrtstub.exe" to virustotal to see what
several AV's have to say about the file.

<ellisdesi…> wrote in message
>I have noticed that several of my drives have multiple folders with
> randomly generated names like  < c1d507a65a5b840fd01d >
> Each of these folders contains three files - $shtdwn$.req :
> mrt.exe._p : mrtstub.exe.
> These look like something that has been generated by an abnormal
> shutdown ($shtdwn$ is a bit of a clue), and I wonder if I can safely
> delete them?
> Looking for mrtstub.exe in Google brings up a load of alarming
> messages indicating that it might be malware, that running it might
> delete all my data ..... etc.
> I would like to get rid of it - can I safely do so?
> Peter



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