Windows 2003 PKI and Windows 2008 OCSP

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Subject: Windows 2003 PKI and Windows 2008 OCSP
Posted by:  Lutz (Lutz.MHipp…
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009

Hi, we have a running Windows 2003 PKI and just want add a Windows
2008 OCSP resonder. I am clear in the point how to add AIA to
certificates. My questions are:
- Can I sign a OCSP signing certificate with a Windows 2003 Standalone
- How can I generate a CSR from the OCSP MMC on Win2008 (OCSP
responder machine is not a domain member)?
- Can I use as alternative openSSL to generate OCSPsigning key and
CSR? If so, can someone provide a config file?
Any feedback is appreciated.