nned to exchange with ms tech req computer crime on my hotmail hel

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Subject: nned to exchange with ms tech req computer crime on my hotmail hel
Posted by:  blackbanjoto…@hotmail.com (blackbanjotonyhotmailc…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009

Help Help  I am facing blackmail  I need to exchange with a ms tech and not a
form letter

I have someone who has hacked into one of my other ids, a hotmail account
that is central to my academic work./  Twice this person has stolen the
password signed in and changed all the identifying information and bared me
from the account.  They have sent emails to people all over the world saying
that I needed money. Several persons actually sent money.  MS fixed it, but
then the person returned control of it in a few hours.  They have written me
that they will continue this if I do not send them five hundred dollars.
Now I have been trying to talk to someone from microsoft about this for a day
or so, but there seems to be no way to do this.  I am scared an important
work for me and others is paralyzed.  I need to talk directly to someone, not
fill out the same form over and over.  I am facing a crime here.
I cannot be reached by email to Blackbanjotony@hotmail because this phister
has control over it.  I can be reached via my messenger at
enc1101…@hotmail.com or
  at writerr…@aol.com.

here is what I was written
Tony i will keep hijacking whatever email you have cause i have the
software,you dont worry on how i am going to do that,i am an hacker and thats
my job,All i need is that i have a little problem which i need just 500usd to
sort out and i swear to God if you can do these for me i will leave your
password to you and never bother you again,thats a promise,so let me know
what you think.

Your Friend.