Export Certificates in PKCS #12 format

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Subject: Export Certificates in PKCS #12 format
Posted by:  BillL (wla…@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009


I'm trying to export certificates in  Personal Information Exchange
format.  When I try to use the Certificate Export WIzard from the CA
or from the Certifcates mmc snapin on my desktop the option
to export to a PKCS #12 format is always greyed out.  I've also tried
to do a
certutil -getkey using the certificate's serial number but it comes
back with "cannot find object or property" .  The certificate
does have the box "Allow private key to be exported"  checked.

Is there a setting in the Certifcate template that must be set to
allow it to be exported in this format?  Or am I missing something