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Subject: DEP Compliance
Posted by:  pkelley (pkell…
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009

I have a C# .Net application (EXE and DLL) that I want to make Data Execution
Prevention (DEP) compliant.

What do I need to add to my code to do this?

What the application does:
The EXE loops around with a list of e-mail user ID's (uids), passing each
uid down into the DLL where the DLL makes a SOAP connection to Exchange Web
Services (EWS) to retrieve calendar information.
In my unit test, I purposely pass down an invalid uid and wait for, and
catch, the SOAP/Web Exception.  At that point, I get the dreaded, "...Windows
has closed this program..." message box, and my EXE is no longer permitted to
The uid's that follow, are valid uid's and when permitted to execute (by
running the EXE and DLL on Windows XP instead of Windows Vista), continue
along perfectly to the end with the requested calendar information.

Again,  what do I need to do to my C# application (EXE and DLL) to get them
to be DEP compliant?
NOTE:  I'm using Visual Studio 2005

Thank you in advance.