Replace server that uses IPsec policy

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Subject: Replace server that uses IPsec policy
Posted by:  Bentley (Bentl…
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009

I need to replace a server running Windows 2000 Server that is uses an IPSec
policy to encrypt traffic between it and one client station, with a Windows
2003 server.  I do not need any of the new functionality of the Win2003
version of ipsec.  I just want to do a one-to-one swap out.

As a test, I created an identical policy and applied it to the new server
and another client.  That half worked, but caused the server to reboot every
3 hours with 1015 events, source Winlogon.  I have now removed the new server
from the test policy.

There is no way for me to really test it until go-live, but does anyone have
an opinion about whether I can just rename/reIP the new server with the old
server's name and IP and IPsec just continue to function?