I.E. Starts Up With Computer?

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Subject: I.E. Starts Up With Computer?
Posted by:  Mike950 (Mike9…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2009

Friday, when I turned on my computer, instead of the desktop displaying, it
automaticaly launched Internet Explorer and instead of my normal homepage
(msn.com) it displayed an "ATT My Account Log On" page (or at least that's
what the page said.  Here is the URL:

This has happened three times now when I turn my computer on.  When I get
the ATT page on I.E. I close I.E. and relaunch it.  When I relaunch it, I get
an error message saying I.E.has encounter a problem and needs to close.  If I
try a second or third time, I.E. will launch and open on my default homepage

Is this some kind of virus/malware thing that I need to be concerned about
or is it just a computer glitch?  Thank you for the help.

Win XP Hm SP3, current AVG antivirus running.