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Subject: infocard.exe
Posted by:  AliceZ (Alic…
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009

I had a pop-up today from NIS firewall asking if I would allow a program
"infocard.exe" to allow a program to connect to a DNS server.
Not knowing what it was, I clicked Block.
You can only choose Block or Allow. There is no Allow This Time or Block
This Time. Nor could I close the box.

I have done some checked and found that the following is in the NIS Firewall
"windows cardspace."

And when I put the cursor over it, I see the following information, which I
believe to that program that was trying to access the DNS.


and it has "Block All" next to it.

My question is, can I leave it that way? Or must I / should I change it to
Permit All?
Is it really that important a program and could problems ensue if it remains
at Block All and is not changed to Permit All?

Hope someone can help.