Is my computer compromised?

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Subject: Is my computer compromised?
Posted by:  Kompu Kid (degu…
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009

I have built myself a  new computer recently. I still have not fully
deployed it and keep using the old computer.

Today I started the computer and discovered that some internet related
software such as Skype, MSN messenger, etc. are not working.

Digging deeper I found out that the computer is not seeing the router.
I started  the repair process, no success.

When I tried to find out what IP the computer has with the cmd window,
I found out that there was a "regedit" command issued recently--the
"run" box keeps the last command issued.

I also found out that the computer has an "" IP address
instead of that it usually gets through DHCP.

The computer is running XP professional and has the latest updates. I
have AVG's basic version as an antivirus software and the security. I
also have Spybot-SD.

I am able to get the computer connected to Internet by manually
assigning it an IP address, etc. DHCP won't work.

I did some search on "" IP address, but I cannot figure
out who owns it. Any ideas as to how I can find out?
I cannot figure out what was done with the regedit command. Any idea
how I can do this?

I am currently running a scan with AVG and will later run Trendmicro's

What else would you do?