Stop C000021a Fatal System Error

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Subject: Stop C000021a Fatal System Error
Posted by:  erin31…
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009


Two days ago I logged onto my computer and received a security alert
asking me to update my computer, I can't remember what it exactely
said, but it appeared to be a Microsoft security update.  I believe
this was a virus.  After I updated this, the computer restarted but
there were no icons, no task bar, the screen was just the desktop
picture.  So I managed to use the Task Manager to bring up an Exployer
page and downloaded Super Anti Spyware and ran a scan.  Right when the
virus was found, there were several trojans that were found, one of
which is SVCHOST.exe, the computer would just restart.  It did this
every single time.  I managed to download a antimalware scan
application and that found the same viruses and removed everything.  I
thought everything was ok at this point.  Then I was trying to do some
clean up on the desktop and remove an old Norton Antivirus software
from the Add/Remove option in the control panel.  This caused the
computer to terminate, and all I received was the blue screen saying
"Stop C000021a Fatal System Error The windows logon process system
process terminated unexpectedly with a status of OxC00000005 The
system has been shut down"  I restarted the system and pressed F8 to
start up windows at the last good configuration.  But after I select
this, it askes what my administrative password is.  I don't have one,
and when I hit return, that is wrong.  How can I get by this?  I am
not with the computer right now, so I mentioned everything I
remember.  I do not have the Windows cd either, so I can't try to
reinstall the OS.  Is there a solution without that cd?