bad luck with installing anti-rookit programs?

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Subject: bad luck with installing anti-rookit programs?
Posted by:  Massimo (o…
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009


This night I tried to install two anti-rootkit programs: Gmer and
Rootkit Revealer. The programs downloaded from their respective sites
(not via suspect sites).

Gmer could be installed after Windows Defender asked me if I really
wanted tot install it. It then installed and probably did a quick
spontaneous scan (?) but when I tried to have it scan again, the
interface did not respond well: it was inpossible to click on the
C-drive to have it scanned. What a bad interface!

Rootkit Revealer: again Defender asked me if... and I responded
affirmatively but Defender did not accept. It said:
"Unable to install RootkitRevealer service: (the rest translated from
Dutch:)The service has not responded well to the start- or

What is wrong with these programs or with my Vista?