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Subject: Re: Problem with a virus
Posted by:  David H. Lipman (DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net)
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009

From: "Dimitris" <Dimitr…>

| Hello,

| A few days ago I caught the virus
| I am trying to remove it but it keeps coming back. I have Norton antivirus
| 2009.
| Anyway since the time I found the virus I can not access Windows Update and
| every antivirus website (Symantec, Mcafee and others) but I can access every
| other website. when I try to access the windows Update webpage I just get
| that white page that says that Internet Explorer can not open the site. Do
| you know anyway that I can access the Windows Update website concerning my
| problem?
| I have winXP Professional.
| I am writing to this Newsgroup from another computer.

| Any help concerning the virus or the update page will be very appreciated
| since I am trying to do anything possible to solve my problem and I also want
| to download the latest windows updates.

| Thank you in advance.
| Dimitris

Virut is a TRUE file infecting virus and is a serious infection.  You not only have to
clean the OS completely but scan any Read/Write media where you have written files to.

Since Virut infects so many OS files, you should consider using a surrogate PC and an anti
virus solution that is good at CLEANING a file or wipe the PC and renstall the OS from

The McAfee command line scanner available thriugh my Multiu AV Scanning Tool is excellent
at cleaning Virut infected files.  You can remove the hard disk from the affected computer
and install it on a surrogate PC.  Using the Multi AV Scanning Tool McAfee module you can
scan the affected hard disk.  If this sounds even remotely complicated, wipe the PC and
reinstall the OS from scratch.

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