Forefront Client Security without MOM server

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Subject: Forefront Client Security without MOM server
Posted by:  Lars (La…
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009

We are currently running a setup with a SBS 2003. We have a dedicated server
for our MOM server 2005/Forefront Client Security Console. This is running
very smooth after some initial problems. i.e. deploying and monitoring the
individual clients.

Our setup has been extended. We are now hosting (excluding our own) 3 SBS
2003 domains. i.e. we need to monitor 4 domains. It looks like I need to
install one MOM server on each of these domains? I could very much like to
keep a single monitor server especially as my setup are relatively small –
less than 10 users pr. domain.
It is not an option to create a trust among the domains.

I’m able to install the clients with the NOMOM option without the MOM
server, but I need the monitoring options and group policies.

Any ideas, suggestions or thoughts? Regards, Lars.