can't access my EFS encrypted documents on win xp

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Subject: can't access my EFS encrypted documents on win xp
Posted by:  papuly2k (papuly2k.3ue0…
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009

i use windows xp pro edition. i had encrypted a few word docs and now i
cannot access them as the prompt says that i do not have
privilege/access is denied! tho i am the administrator and have complete
right!!! then i noticed that there is a new account machine a..
and it is on limited access. does this hv anything to do with my files
being inaccessible

the docs that i have encrypted are worth 4 yrs of my life - my film
scripts and so if i lose them i will probably die... so please somebody
out there help me.... do i delete the asp account?
is the prob due to the asp account?
or due to some other reasons?

have added everyone on each file... and have taken ownership as well...
but i cannot access the docs... when we do an efs where does the
recovery agent or cert get stored? i dont remember creating a recovery
agent earlier... is there a hack that can be applied...

HELP!!!!! :(

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