What features does Autorun provide?

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Subject: What features does Autorun provide?
Posted by:  Fraser (Fras…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009


What features (beside automatic execution of autorun.inf) will I give up
when I disable autorun (WinXP)? It seems to be widely recommended that this
feature be disabled for security purposes. There also seems to be a lot of
conflicting information about exactly what autorun does and why it should be

For instance, some sources say that autorun and autoplay are equivalent
while others say disabling the former will not affect the latter. Only one of
those two statements can be true. I understand (and agree) that disabling the
automatic execution of autorun.inf is desired. What about the popup menu that
lets me choose to view files with Windows Explorer? Will that be disabled as
well? I do not wish to lose that menu.

Any clarification would be most appreciated.