MBSA 2.1 - Scanning W2K3 server from WinXP Client

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Subject: MBSA 2.1 - Scanning W2K3 server from WinXP Client
Posted by:  lmg (lmg2008@newsgroup.nospam)
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009

Hi - I've been asked to run MBSA 2.1 against our Windows Servers from a
Windows XP PC. All clients/servers are in a domain environment. I'm logging
onto to the XP machine as a domain user with local admin rights. When running
MBSA against one of our servers, I receive the following error 'User is not
an administrator on the scanned machine'. I realize this is a daft question,
but does the logged in account on the XP machine need to be a domain
administrator? If so, this may not be possible. Is there another way round
this issue. I need to successfully run the software but would struggle
getting domain admin access. I look forward to your responses. Regards