NTFS encryption too "persistent"

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Subject: NTFS encryption too "persistent"
Posted by:  sunorain (sunora…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2009

On my PC's HDD I have some files encrypted by Windows Vista. Used "folder
encryption" that is in one of folder properties selected "Encrypt data..."

Folder is shown in green in explorer respectively.

In the beginning, when I copied any files from this encrypted folder to
location (e.g. USB HDD) files became automatically decrypted, i.e. I could
read those files from USB HDD on any other PC.

But now something changed. Though I did not make any changes to security or
file system settings, files copied from encrypted folder to USB HDD stay
encrypted. That is - I can read them only on PC where I copied them to USB
HDD. On other PCs where I connect USB HDD files are not accessible.

How can I change it back? I need files copied from encrypted folder to USB
HDD to decrypt automatically, because it's backup procedure and I need them
accessible on any other PC. How can I stop encryption attribute to be copied
together with file?