AutoPlay and AutoRun Disable

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Subject: AutoPlay and AutoRun Disable
Posted by:  W (
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009

We want to make sure through Group Policy that whenever a CDROM, USB device.
or SATA hard drive is inserted onto a server, that no program on the device
is ever automatically executed.  Which Group Policy and other registry
settings support that goal?  We are using Windows XP and Windows 2003 and
Windows 2000.

I find the place under Administrative Settings and System for "Turn AutoPlay
Off" and set that to Enable.  Will that turn autoplay off for *any* kind of

Once that setting is set to turn autoplay off, what should be the value in
the corresponding registry setting?  I gather the value for turning off
CD-ROM autoplay may be different from the setting for all drives?

I see various references to AutoRun on Google, but it looks extremely
confusing because of all of the minute variations between different versions
of Windows.  I would appreciate some guidance about how we should be
setting any related Group Policy or direct registry settings for AutoRun or
other settings as well.