NTLM authentication IE8 on windows 7

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Subject: NTLM authentication IE8 on windows 7
Posted by:  lachmish (avilachmi…@gmail.com)
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009

Hi guy=92s,

I am developing a proxy that gets http request and authenticate all
request thru NTLM over SMB protocol against an internal DC and
tunneling it back to the client as HTTP over NTLMSSP and it works fine
on all windows operating systems (that acts as a client) except
windows 7. Now that=92s not entirely true that=92s true only if I use IE8
if for example I use firefox it works fine. Now I am aware to the
changes done to windows 7 policy from NTLM standpoint and I played
with them with no success.

Now for more details about the problem I am sending a get request
followed by a few connect requests (HTTPS) from the client side to the
proxy all is challenged by the proxy but not all are authenticated by
the client (NTLM message type 3). A few are RST by the client but more
likely are closed after a long period (40 sec which is the proxy
timeout) from the proxy side for not answering the challenge request.
This behavior happens only on widows 7 (behaving as a client) and only
when I am running with IE8 and only if the page has a few connect
request in it. I can send the packets between the client and proxy if
it helps.

Are there a special settings for the IE (like Internet Explorer 8 and
Maximum Concurrent Connections) or should I do something special for
that specific case.

Thanks in advanced for any help =85