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Subject: need clarification
Posted by:  RB (NoMa…@NoSpam)
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2009

Hello, I am trying to decipher exactly the differences of ,
VirtualPC 2007 (I understand it runs VMs with different OSs but requires
                          resources enough for the two of them, and 2 licenses?
                          Also how does (or does it ? ) make my machine anymore
                          secure from a malware attack. In other words aren't you
                          still dependant on your AntiMalware to protect against
                          keylogging and clipboard stealing etc even while in the VM?)
And what is "Cloud computing" ? (is this an offsite access thing where nothing
                          is stored on your machine ? If so I surmise you are dependent
                          on whatever protection the Cloud company is offering while
                          you use this, not to mention if you are accessing from a computer
                          instead of one these quick boot netbooks wouldn't you still be
                          dependent on your machines security software?
And what about some of these Beta "Kernel VMs" that run VM copies of the
                          same OS (usually XP) that claim to be faster since your are
                          only running the base OS and the VM code (not two OSs).
                          This sounds real handy for someone that doesn't have a need
                          for different OSs, but once you install and run one of these
                          things obviously you are going to have to tell your security
                          software to let the VM run. So ....hopefully these beta
                          authors are not in the information stealing business ?
  Appreciate any and all information and links you would be so kind as to give me.