Creator\Owner Security Properties Prob

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Subject: Creator\Owner Security Properties Prob
Posted by:  TrickTrash (
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2010

I've just done a clean install & I'm having a problem with the Security
Property Settings for  C:\

All the boxes in the Creator\Owner Group are unticked & stay unticked, no
matter what I do, in the first Properties Page for C:\

If i go into the Advanced area, highlight Creator\Owner and Edit, everything
IS ticked, Full Control, though 'Apply these permissions to
objects\containers within this container only' isn't

I can't claim to understand these settings properly and I'm pretty sure
something I've done, whether a setting or a application has caused this
problem & I've no idea what

The effects are that some applications can't write to C:\
(Documents&Settings or Application Data in the Admin Account) and this is
stopping them running

I also had problems with Folders within C:\ being 'Read Only' no matter what
I tried to do about that, but I've edited the Registry, which I hope is
going to overcome this, with UseSystemForSystemFolders = 1 in Local
Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer

It'd be better not to cause the prob in the first place, of course, but I
can't face another clean install, so I'd really appreciate any help or
advice in solving this on WIN XP SP3 with ALL update applied

Thank you