Netbios and bindiings

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Subject: Netbios and bindiings
Posted by:  RB (NoMa…@NoSpam)
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010

Running XP Pro sp3
Peer to Peer (no server software) Lan with password logon enabled,
Client for MS Networks and File & Print Sharing, all nodes are in the
same named Workgroup,  running a NAT firewall enabled Linksys router
out connected to cable modem and all nodes connected into router either
by hard wire ethernet or wireless (wireless running TKIP encryption (WPA))

I have two questions:  (subject may be because of dated material I'm reading)
1. One some of the text I'm reading shows screens of Network Bindings to all services
    But in my properties of network connections I cannot find any such screen,
    the nearest I can come to it is the Enable or Disable Netbios over TCP/IP, but
    this does not give binging or unbinding for any of the services running ?
    Where can I get to this ?
2. I've read that Netbios is a security issue over TCP since it could allow inside
    Lan stuff to outside. Has Netbios been upgraded to alleviate this or is installing
    Netbeui a more secure solution since I need local Lan sharing of some folders.