Finger Readers

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Subject: Finger Readers
Posted by:  mwebb
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010

We are considering using finger readers for domain logon. We are deploying
Win7 workstations and this OS has, according to they hype, an improved WBF.

Ques: Can finger reading data be exported/imported between workstations so
that the user does not have to install their finger profile on every
workstation they use?

Ques: Can the above be handled by having a central database/server so that
once a person provides a finger profile it could be used on other

As you can see from my question, I am concerned about the "push back" from
users if they have to register their profile on every workstation they use. I
am in healthcare and some of the nursing staff use as many as 10 workstations.